What I Do

I help business owners and leaders who are struggling with organisational and individual productivity and low levels of employee engagement. With a varied career and diverse experiences, both corporate and as a business owner, I bring my unique set of skills to provide bespoke solutions that help your organisational and personal effectiveness and reach your potential as a business leader.

Who I Am

I’ve worked in Corporate for 18 years in senior level HR and spent the last 12 years running my own business. My experience ranges from employee relations to customer service to training to digital and social media strategy to online marketing to employee engagement. The golden thread running through is my interest and study of time management, personal effectiveness and productivity.

Now, bringing that all together, I help organisations and business leaders to be more productive and engaging with their employees.

On the StrengthsFinder I come out high on Positivity, Individualisation, Input, WOO (Winning Others Over) and Communication and these five strengths just about sum me up!

Consultancy & Training

Where you have a specific issue within your business that needs development

Coaching & Mentoring

Working directly with you or your team to be more productive and engaging

Speaking & Podcasting

Participating in your event or creating content for your business


Working with you to improve productivity and engagement